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Home Sick (2007) Review – Can’t Miss DVD

MV5BMTY1MDM4NjU5Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzk1Mzc5MQ@@._V1_SY317_CR4,0,214,317_Director: Adam Wingard (Pop Skull, V/H/S/, S-V/H/S/)

Home Sick is Wingard’s feature debut, and while filmed on a pretty small budget it has some impressive gore and I’m happy to say that it’s not CGI.

The first thing you notice is that the acting seems a little off, and over the top. After a while though I got the feeling that this was intentional. All of the characters are over the top. At first it really seemed weird to me, but as the film went on it didn’t bother me at all.

A group of friends, who seem like they don’t really want to be together, get together for a party. During the party, a man in a blue suit (Bill Mosely; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Devil’s Rejects) and carrying a briefcase walks into the house, and sits down on the couch. He proceeds to open his briefcase, which is filled with razorblades, and asks the party goers “Who do you hate?”.  After scaring them into answering the question, they each reluctantly name a person they hate, at which point Mr. Suitcase slices his own arm with a razorblade. After the last person jokingly says he hates everyone in the room, Mr. Suitcase slices his arm one time for each person, then gets up and leaves. What they don’t know, yet, is that a killer from another realm has been unleashed to kill each person mentioned, including themselves, and one by one they get offed.


Bill Mosely as Mr. Suitcase

As short as his screen time is, Bill Mosely steals the show as Mr. Suitcase. At times he’s reminiscent of his classic character Chop Top. I really wish he would have shown up again during the film.

Gorehounds will eat this movie up. The kills are great, and many made me look away. We have a ‘curbing’, against a staircase, a slice between the toes, fingernails ripped out, disembowelment, and holes through heads.

Like I mentioned before, for a low budget film the gore is great, and not CGI. Classic, old school gore, which is always preferred, for me.

Another welcome addition is Tom Towels(Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer), who is also great, a like most in this movie, over the top. He plays Uncle Johnny, who has an armory of firearms the kids plan on using to kill their pursuer.  By the end everyone’s pretty much left in puddles of gore.

Synapse released the DVD, and I’ve found that Synapse rarely disappoints. The picture looks great, and the artwork is fantastic. I can’t recommend Home Sick enough.


Home Sick satisfies with brutality and gore.


Get out the rubber gloves!

Home Sick 6

That’s going to need stitches.

Guest Author by Djim S.