Posted May 7, 2013 by nHate in Film Reviews

5 Horror Movies You Missed (with Trailers)

With some of the big(ger) budget movies that have come out this year in the horror genre, there are a few that were released straight to DVD or on small theaters that you need to see ASAP. These movies don’t carry the big name actors or actresses and aren’t remakes of horror classics, but they’re bloody, gruesome, violent, sexy and entertaining.

1. Blind Alley (2012) -

2. Citadel (2012) -

3. Storage 24 (2012) -

4. Shadow People (2012) – Small Kentucky town experiences some mysterious deaths. This movie creeps big time.

5. The Bay (2102) – out on DVD now. The Bay is shot as a variety of found footage films. Watch this short clip from the movie: